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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  October 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> december. >> but not accumulating snow. it is rare in october. >> let's keep it that way. >> i think tomorrow we will do it though. >> oh. >> a strange, strange forecast. a cloud cover hanging around. a north wind at 5. cloud cover. mid 30's up there. a mix of sun and clouds. those clouds will be thickening up tonight as a storm comes in for the weekend. i'll detail that in a few minutes. first let's say good morning to sareia. >> good morning everyone. as -- wind warnings are in effect at the key bridge. and the bay bridge. use extra caution there this morning.
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an 11-minute ride. the travel south on 95 on the beltway down toward 32. here's a live view of traffic. we'll check area bridges for you. again, wind warnings in effect at the bay bridge. no warnings in effect. a smooth ride east and west on the bridge. traffic at the key bridge. again another spot where you want to use extra caution with the winds this morning. overall a smooth ride on the entire beltway. mindy, over to you. >> new this morning, the investigation into the death of a psychiatric hospital 0 reported a male patient in his 30's found dead thursday night at the clifton t. perkins hospital in jessup. officials say they are not sure if his death is the result of -- not sure of the result of his death. >> james johnson was 17 at the
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time of the a-- of the brutal attack last year. kim dacey is live on the scene. >> police arrested 18-year-old jamesons johnson after he confessed to killing milton hill outside his home last year. he was parking his scooter in his home on july 29, when investigators say james johnson shot him twice in the chest. according to court documents, johnson struggled with him, then took off with his scooter. ark church was like a second home. he spent a lot of time volunteering with the -- as a church care-taker. >> our prayers go out to him and
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his family because obviously some things went wrong for him to have made that kind of action. so we're praying for them. >> milton hill's scooter was found four days a couple miles from where he was killed. james johnson faces charges of first degree murder, assault, and robbery. they are still looking for two other suspects. >> a harford county teen is behind bars arrested for a home invasion in pennsylvania. mason carter is charged as an adult for a violent break-in, in new york county. police say he wore a ski mask and went through a dog door. once inside he shot a 66-year-old man then forced the victim's wife to hand over the keys to their car. >> this is like country area. we don't think about that stuff happening out here. >> i'm sure they had it locked
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up. you don't lock a dog door. >> police say the family's blue hyundai was recovered less than 10 miles from the crime scene. carter faces a long list of charges including attempted murder. >> walter bishop confessed to killing a gas station owner in a murder for hire scheme and he could be he will jibbling for the death penalty. >> i don't want to see him get the death penalty. he's my nephew. >> i am surprised he did it. something had to push him to this to get money or something drove him crazy, because that's not walter. walter catch a mouse, he'd probably let it go. >> at the time a bishop videotaped confession argued that he didn't know it was -- he was being taped or that it was a
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death penalty case. under maryland law police do not have to disclose the maximum penalty. the victim's wife, carla porter, is accused of setting up the scene, and her trial is set for next year. kate amara next. >> i decided to buy some seens jeans and make-up. i go to groupon. i'm doing that. >> shoppers spending money helped lift the economy over the summer. >> modest growth. consumer spending. >> i saw there was a bunch of sales and i decided to get an early jump on christmas. >> july to september has been
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the strongest growth in the year, and it is fueling optimism that the recovery is gaining steam. >> there were some positives. the big ones are business investment continues to be strong. equipment and software continues to be really invested at a high rate by businesses. >> while the g.d.t. shows progress, economists say it is not enough to bring down a painfully high jog jobs rate. >> to me the more worrisome fear is we bump along for yet another year which means yet one more year of 9% unemployment. >> analysts do expect we will see similar growth for the rest of this year and into next. i'm kate amara. wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is purple friday, so let's see some of those ravens petroleum begins -- pumpkins.
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these are some of our ravens pumpkins sent in to "u local." then there are costumes. we will show you jericho and dundalk. you can see your favorite pumpkins all available at "u local." >> what will you do for halloween? send us a note on facebook or send us an snal e-mail at >> lady liberty is celebrating 125 years today. >> and an addiction specialist takes the stand in the conrad murray strile. that's when the trial is expected to wrap up, coming up. >> here's a live look at traffic. maryland gets you where you need to be safely and on time.
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>> --
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>> an addiction specialist takes the stand in the conrad murray trial. >> happy birthday to the statue of liberty. lady liberty is 125 years old today. the national parks service will mark the anniversary by giving her some pretty high-tech gifts that will allow jurors to see visitors on the ground. the lighting of torch cans takes place commemorating the statue dedication in 1886. >> she looks good. i hope i look that good.
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>> she's had some work done. >> sometimes you have to do that. >> well, 40 degrees on tv hill. children in need are getting special gifts from one kentucky group. what they are doing to make sure no one is forgotten on their birthday. >> say a study reshealsveals what a company is doing to save your personal information. >> and we'll check live pictures of the j.f.x. coming up.
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>> good morning. a look at your morning drive.
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on the west side, still slow. we're checking out just fine on 95 out of the northeast. wind warnings in effect. it is a windy start out there. keep that in mind as you travel across the key bridge this morning. taking a look at drive times, not all that bad. south on 95 to the 895 split to fort m. henry. tolls only 10 minutes on southbound 95 on the beltway compeft. >> a live view in a couple spots. a new camera. this is exciting for me. let's switch you to our live view of traffic. so far we're delay-free from this point all the way down to the beltway. that's the latest on traffic pultse pulse 11. now the litest on the buses and the trains. >> thank you, sara. we are looking at a smooth
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commute on the marc trains right now. on the buses, 20 and 30 buses diverting at old frederick. 3 and 11 buses diverting at piedmont. 22 at university and 33rd. now back to tony pann. >> a little snow to talk about for the weekend. for the short taxpayer term nothing -- for the short term, nothing going on. you guys might see a little frost to start the morning. oh, man did our computer lock up? what did you to? sarah? >> i didn't do it. >> the rain is going to come in with this system overnight tonight and into -- come on!
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>> blame it on the snow. >> it is the snow. say it's going to work, sarah. a mix of sun and clouds during the day today. the high temperature around 54 degrees. today will be a decent day, just a little colder than it has been. overnight tonight, the clouds will start to thicken up and the rains will come in after midnight. it will be just rain. that won't be -- temperatures will drop back into the upper 30's and lower 40's. we're going to have this impulse traveling down to the jet stream. what's going to happen, we'll see a surface reflection in the form of an area of low pressure that's going to travel up the coast. you heard us talk about these storms. they are called nor'easters. the wind will move around the
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north. as the cold air wraps around the back side of the storm, it is going to bring snow. it is unusual to get accumulating snow this time of year because the ground is so warm. it is so difficult to know how much snow will stick. if this were a different kind of year, i might be forecasting 4 inches of snow. it is difficult to know how much will pile up at this time. rain. temperatures start in the 40's and drop to the upper 30's. it will stay above freeze, so you don't have to worry about the rain. if you are watching us out around frederick, you might be closer to that 3-inch mark. baltimore closer to an inch. i believe it would be mostly on
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the ground. keep that in mind. if you see the snow come down rbling the roads -- if you see the snow coming down, the roads will be ok. back up to 60 for halloween. that's good news for the trick-or-treaters, and it should stay dry. >> in "consumer alert" even your identity may be in danger. an alarming number of businesses are keeping unsecured information about their customers. steps you need to take to protect what's yours. >> next time you go shopping, keeping this statistic in mind. >> 79% of businesses are storing consumer information when they don't need t it is not protected or secure. >> that's in a study by virson business. following these steps can help consumers protect themselves and their money. first keep an eye on the person swiping your credit or debit
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card. you -- >> there are people that will steal your information and are trying to copy your credit card information by doing a couple extra twipse swipes. >> don't check that box for storing for future purposes. you don't want that business or internet web site to hold any business. >> buy a few gift cards. that way none of your information can be taken off your credit card or debit card. >> if you use sites like gift card, you should also review billing statements to make shufere sure you are are not a victim of fraud. ch >> people are continually able to keep tricking them to see the
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amount and stealing their information and taking extra money out of their accounts. >> that was linda bicaro reporting. >> hewlett packard's c.e.o. and a monster rally on wall street. a look at the day's business news in the "bloomberg business week." >> a small pullback this morning after that monster valley. stocks soaring as europeans came to a bail out. a good report on g.d. p. the s & p has had its biggest monthly valley. good news for j.p.morgan owners. they plan to drop a charge for customers that use the debit card for purchases. a slough of banks have announced they also will not impose monthly fees on debit cards after seeing how angry cuss got
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at bank of america when they decided to implement that fee. >> the shake-up over at hewlett pack ard again. undoing plans to spin off the company's p.c. unit. an effort that suffered under the former c.e.o. speaking of tweets, honda making changes to its civic after the 2004 faired poorly. its best selling com tact declined in jilt and interior quality and also noted the civic had a choppier ride compared to previous models. >> what some consider to be the scariest careers for halloween. the bomb squad. p.m. high-rise window washers second. also the list, police, firefighters, and high school teachers. and what some are afray much most at work.
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"bloomberg news." reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you, mindy and jennifer. >> the time is 5:22. 40 degrees on tv hill. >> making a difference. a group of volunteers.
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>> for a child, a birthday is like no other day of the year. but for a family going through tough economic times, it is hard to make kids feel special on that day. >> a group in kentucky that is trying to make sure no child feels left behind. >> twice a week, ashley gathers volunteers in a church kitchen to make birthday cakes for children they will never meet. the [captioning made possible by comcast entertainment group] is called "sweet blessings." they don't just make any cakes, with tools more family in a
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workshop than a kitchen, each one is customized to match the child's interest. the recipients are special too. each is surving -- suffering from a life-threatening disease. >> i think each one of these kids will remember this all their lives. >> i was supposed to spend my time. >> since february the group has delivered 80 cakes in seven kentucky counties. >> it may not help them grow up big and strong, but it will help them have extra confidence. >> connie, before sweet blessings, never decorated a cake like this. >> it is hard to imagine there are who don't get birthday
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cakes. >> social workers take the recipients from among their cases, sometimes returning deals dealings with families in need. >> it opens the doors to communication and makes that relationship more positive. >> the volunteer bakers and decorators never see their final product. >> all right! >> a special moment in a child's special day. nbc news, lexington, kentucky. >> awesome. >> beautiful cakes. >> a man sentenced to the death on a 2-month-old. >> and a ban on smoking. >> snow is in the forecast for the beginning of the weekend. details in a few minutes. >> quiet on the roads. if you are heading out in a few minutes, we're checking on speed
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>> good morning. welcome back to "11 news." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> and tony pann, it is not even halloween yet and we have snow? >> we haven't had snow in october since 2003. the last time it stuck was 2009. we will probably have sticking snow over the weekend. we will get into that in a few minutes. 41 degrees at the airport. a couple clouds hanging around. that's a good thing. this morning's commute should go better. it is going to be a chilly day, but a bit dry. the high temperature around 54 degrees. when we come back, we will check the seven-day forecast. >> what's going to happen tomorrow is not going to happen today. right now the morning commute looks good. >> if you are heading out in a
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few minutes, let's check the roads. you can see on the outer loop, 53 on the west side. if you are going to travel, the beltway 47 miles per hour. warnings at the key bridge and the bay bridge. let's give you a quick look outside in a couple spots. the harrisburg expressway. moving well. in fact, from the maryland pline down to the beltway, not tracking delays yet. a live view of 95 through howard county. north and southbound traffic looks great at 175. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. mindy, over to you. >> our big story this morning, more thain year after the murder of an elderly caretaker, police make an arrest in the case. >> james johnson is charged in the death of milton hill.
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kim dacey has details on his arrest. >> police arrested james johnson yesterday after they say the teen con fessed to killing milton hill -- confessed to killing milton hill. 70-year-old milton hill was a happy, smiling caring man. >> i think he was in his 70's. you would have thought he was in his 40's. active, strong. >> he was parking his scooter in the back yard of his home on -- in july when teenager james johnson shot him twice in the chest. johnson and two other men struggled with hill before the shooting and then took off with his shooter. investigators say johnson confessed to the murder after being brought in twice for questioning. ark churchill there was like a second home.
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>> he took out the trash. he helped the ladies bring the food in for the church depin dinners. you miss that kind of person. he did all of that with a smile on his face. >> a playground down the streach will be named in milton's honor. preacher james carter said sunday's sermon will include prayers for both hill and suspect james johnson. >> our prayers go out to him and his family because obviously things went wrong for him to have made that kind of action. we're praying for them. >> james johnson is charged with first degree murder, assault. reporting live at police head quarters, kim dacey. wbal-tv 11 news. >> new this morning arkse frederick morning has charges of -- a frederick woman, jessica peavy, is the mother of a
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2-month-old who died after her father killed her. he is serving a 20-year prison sentence for that crime. >> a marshall service says a boy showed up in one of the three suspects in an august slashing attack. a third -- the boy is reportedly in the custody of child protective services here in maryland. >> conservative watchdog groups says the group will defend -- a petition drive against a dream act, which is a law that would allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition under certain circumstances. it is determined successful by state elections board. but attorneys filed a lawsuit challenging thafment they say it cannot be put to a referendum.
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they also question some of the signatures. >> some will -- the county bans smoking in vehicles citing the dange dangers of second-hand smoke. until now, employees could smoke if they were the only ones in the schleck vehicle. there are 50 county-own vehicles. >> yesterday prince george's county democrat woif said she is responsible for all of the mistakes made on his financial disclosure form. she tested the hormone therapy for his prostate cancer affected his memory. >> police accused of taking bribes. >> one of the two men accused of trying to struggle documents out of the maryland historical society pleads guilty he tried to steal documents including
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papers signed by abraham lincoln. the other man charged in the case maintains his not guilty plea. >> angry school children in anne arundel county. they say a company promised them visits from several ravens players. but the players never showed up, and the schools are now out thousands of dollars. >> it was a hard sell. they were trying to put pressure and said they wanted checks soon because they wanted these things scheduled. it sounded legitimate. >> school officials say the worst part is they didn't find out until the kids were in the awed tore yum. i sure hope they get it. >> be waiting and waiting, and they didn't show. >> not their fault fault. >> 40 degrees. 5:47. how birth control pills may increase a woman's chance of
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developing ovarian cancer. >> and don't forget to e-mail us your answer to the water cooler question of the day. what will you be doing for halloween? watercooler@
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>> coming up on 40 minutes after 5:00. 45 degrees downtown. let's look at the numbers. once you get north and west of baltimore, 37. today a mix of sun and clouds. a cool day. a little snow for the beginning of the weekend. >> taking birth control pills for 10 years or more may cut a woman's risk of owe -- ova
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rifment an cancer in have. a healthy pregnancy lowers the risk by 1/3 and gets lower with each additional child. researchers are not sure why this is, but it may be related to hormone exposure. >> super broccoli. it has three times the amount of a plant nutrient that is believed to be healthy. already sold in england, it is believed to be available in the coming months. traditional broccoli cross-breath bread with a wild sicilian broccoli. >> i wonder if it tastes different. >> maybe a little falian flare. >> the time is 5:41. coming up, joined live in the studio with what is being called the greatest world series ever. wow. that's quite a statement. >> it sure is.
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and recycling old cell phones. how next. >> and eye live look outside.
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>> good morning, here's a look at your friday commute. southbound, jfx, not confirmed, we'll let you know what happened there. in the meantime, not a lot in the way of delays. volume continues to build. 54 miles per hour on the outer loop. harford road, 66, traveling southbound 95 as you make ayour approach from the 895 split. wind warnings in effect. that includes the key bridge. you might want to use extra
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caution. we'll check some of our cameras. no change there. we'll look at north and southbound traffic starting to build in howard county. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now the leatest on the buses or the trains. >> moving along nicely. metro subway on schedule. 3 and 11 buses attica theed radical and monument. back to tony pann. >> good morning. calm before the storm today. a couple -- a little chilly. not a lot of frost. the clouds hung an.
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34 in tawnytown. if you are in the far northern suburbs. maybe frost for you. 41 at the airport. we're still picking up rain on h.d. doppler. rain we had yesterday down in virginia. that will stay south of us. we have a little cloud cover hanging around. we'll get sunshine to break through the cloud deck. it will not be a cloudy day, but not as sunny as i thought it would be yesterday. a mix of sun and clouds. a chilly one for the high temperature. sunrise this morning at 7:30 exactly. rain developing late tonight. upper 30's. we have energy.
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pressure developing on the coast. cold air wraparound the back side of the storm. it will likely change over to snow. around baltimore, 1 to 2 inches at the worst. the 2 inch mark. 2 to 4 inches of accumulation. mostly rain from baltimore on south. again, with the temperatures above freezing. 39 to 40 during the day. you don't have to worry about the roads.
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the ice won't stick to the roads. still unusual to get any amount of accumulation in the month of october. looking at the forecast, rain changing to snow on saturday. the high temperatures, upper 30's and low 40's. on sunday it should clear up for the ravens game. near 60 on halloween. all and all, it doesn't look like it will be too bad for trick-or-treating, and then quiet weather in the middle of next week. >> people want to pay you to recycle your phone. >> she is selling her iphone, even though it doesn't work. >> what are you going to do with it? >> it is sitting under the bed. >> she is using a --
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>> we see 25 customers a day at this location alone. >> the high-tech machine pizz out on the spot. >> so many cell phones sit in people's drawers they don't youzhny more. they say i'm going to give them away, they put them in the drawer, and they forget. the continual cycle of more and more phones being retired. >> for crissa her broken iphone nabbed her $31. >> whatever it is, there is a price for it. >> the folks at totem buy old phones through their web site. many of these phones end up going to china, singapore, vietnam, south america, and mexico. >> i think this could have been run over by a car. >> even in this condition, because it is a popular phone, totem paid $125 a-- for it.
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>> we try to use as much of it as we can. >> those are hot teams. that may change. already people are starting to buy old tablets >> everyone has come out with a reader, so we see this as a one-stop for electronics. >> the more companies fight for your electronics the better. >> too cool. >> that was bob hanson reporting by the way. >> the time is 5:50 and 40 degrees. >> coming up, an answer to our watercooler question of the day. >> and look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> let's get a answer to our water cooler question of the day. >> i'm planning on taking my daughter trick-or-treating at the mall. i like it better than doing the noomed thing going door-to-door.
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post your answers to our water cooler question at watercooler@ b -- >> last night they beat the rangers in the world series. at the first stadium down to the to the last. nelson cruz comes close to ending it. instead they tie the game at 7. a triple. oh, man. in the 10th. josh hamilton on jason mott. busch stadium quiet momentarily with a two-run home run. 9-7 texas. would this be the clutch hit
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that gives the rangers their first world series? no, no, no. leading off the inning. this ends the game for the cardinals and sends it to game seven. 10-9, the series goes to a seventh game. see you tomorrow. make that tonight in st. louis. first pitch 8:05. what a moment. a series of moments in st. louis >> the ravens remain heavy favorites to beat the arizona cardinals. monday night, almost lost amid the oaf -- offense. the number one ranked defense in the nfl. chuck's unit giving up five touchdowns in six games. though he's well aware it is not what he's done but what you are going to do. >> obviously a staff, like you
5:56 am
said, it is a key thing here. it is not where you start, it is where you finish. our number one goal is to win a world championship. the second to -- >> chuck, the world series. ly host most of them, but the excitement is unbelievable. >> i wonder if that could happen again. [laughter] >> we open the next hour of 11 news. a researchers flown to johns hopkins for treatment. >> a warm welcome for 80 national guard soldiers. >> a big inpension evention for this little pup. his journey after escaping from
5:57 am
his back yard in july. at 6:40. >> and things nice and quiet this morning. we do have snow in the forecast for the weekend. details next. >> and checking on the o's. we'll update you on that. coming up.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> police make an arrest of an elderly caretaker. >> how your last trip to the mall end lift an ailing economy.


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